Scalpel Blades

IonFusion Surgical® has developed a patented surgical scalpel blade that outperforms traditional scalpel blades. The blade has been designed to enhance initial sharpness and to stay sharper longer. Laboratory testing shows significant performance improvements and the blades have been extremely well received by Surgeons, particularly Orthopedic and Plastic Surgeons.

General Description

The IonFusion® scalpel blade is a Class I medical device used for general and plastic surgery. The IonFusion® blade is manufactured from high quality surgical stainless steel, is machined to exacting tolerances and is available in a variety of industry standard sizes. The cutting edge incorporates proprietary edge geometry to take full advantage of the IonFusion Technology™. The blade edge is coated with Zirconium Nitride, a very hard, lubricious, inert and wear resistant material that combines for improved cutting performance.