Technology / Research and Development

scapel-diagramThe patented technology was developed by Coating Services Group, LLC. to enhance the performance of medical devices. The IonFusion Surgical Division has refined and continued to develop new technology for select surgical instruments. Key elements of the technology include how the substrate material, instrument geometry, coating construction and application process are all “fused” together in such a way as to make the instrument perform better, last longer and be more aesthetically appealing to the medical industry. All of this is done with an eye toward scalability; large-scale production at competitive costs.

  • Signature “champagne gold” edge indicates the superior sharpness and edge-retention.
  • Stainless steel blade is zirconium nitride coated on the cutting edge. Zirconium nitride is about 5x harder than steel resulting in a sharp and durable cutting edge.
  • The blades are annealed during the coating process so they are less brittle, making them less likely to snap, chip or break.
  • Each blade is “atomically sharpened” during the coating process for consistent quality, sharpness and functionality.
  • Latex safe and available in easily recognized industry- accepted sizes and quantities.
  • Reduce the number of blades needed for an operation. Lower costs by having fewer blades to dispose of and less operating room time.
  • Decrease the potential for accidents through less blade handling.

Sharpness Testing Machine